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 +====== Database Structure ======
 +The following tables exist in ChurchInfo:
 +  * **autopayment_aut** - this contains information for automatic electronic donations or payments for events
 +  * **canvassdata_can** - this contains information about the results of canvassing families
 +  * **deposit_dep** - this records deposits / payments
 +  * **donationfund_fun** - this contains the defined donation funds
 +  * **event_attend** - this indicates which people attended which events
 +  * **family_fam** - this contains the main family data, including family name, family addresses, and family phone numbers
 +  * **group_grp** - this contains the name and description for each group, as well as foreign keys to the list of group roles
 +  * **groupprop_master** - this contains definitions for the group-specific fields
 +  * **list_lst** - this table stores the options for most of the drop down lists in ChurchInfo, including person classifications,​ family roles, group types, group roles, group-specific property types, and custom field value lists.
 +  * **note_nte** - contains all person and family notes, including the date, time, and person who entered the note
 +  * **person2group2role_p2g2r** - this table stores the information of which people are in which groups, and what group role each person holds in that group
 +  * **person2volunteeropp_p2vo** - this table indicates which people are tied to which volunteer opportunities
 +  * **person_custom** - ??
 +  * **person_custom_master** - this contains definitions for the custom person fields
 +  * **person_per** - this contains the main person data, including person names, person addresses, person phone numbers, and foreign keys to the family table
 +  * **pledge_plg** - this contains all pledge information
 +  * **property_pro** - this contains the definition of all person, family, and group properties
 +  * **property_prt** - this contains all the defined property types
 +  * **query_qry** - this contains all the predefined queries that appear in the queries page
 +  * **queryparameteroptions_qpo** - defines the values for the parameters for each query
 +  * **queryparameters_qrp** - defines the parameters for each query
 +  * **record2property_r2p** - this table indicates which persons, families, or groups are assigned specific properties and what the values of those properties are.
 +  * **result_res** - contains the results of authorizations from electronic payments
 +  * **user_usr** - this contains the login information and specific settings for each ChurchInfo user
 +  * **volunteeropportunity_vol** - this contains the names and descriptions of volunteer opportunities
 +  * **whycame_why** - this contains the comments related to why people came
 +Working on adding list of elements for each table.
 +The following link no longer works
 +Also working on a picture of the structure here:  [[http://​​public/​tfhuizin/​churchinfo-database-structure|ChurchInfo Database Structure]]
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