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The directory is a prepared report that can be produced with all the members of a Church listed. The Directory is listed by family and can be selected on a the basis of a classification or membership of a group.

VITAL NOTE: Before you gain access to the entire directory creation area, you must do the following important steps: - Open Admin>Edit Users and click on your own name (or another User who will be creating directories) - Click Edit User from top menu - In User Editor (near bottom) set bCreateDirectory to True - Save Settings

To create a Members Directory

  1. Data / Reports
  2. Reports Menu
  3. Members Directory

The Available fields that can be selected to include in a Members Directory are:

  • Address
  • Wedding Date
  • Birthday
  • Family Home Phone
  • Family Work Phone
  • Family Mobile
  • Family Email
  • Personal Home Phone
  • Personal Work Phone
  • Personal Mobile
  • Personal Email
  • Personal Work/Other Email
  • Photos
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