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A family is a group of people who are treated as a unit. The obvious example would be a married couple and perhaps their children. The family members do not need to have the same last name, but they should live at the same address to receive newsletters and financial statements. Pledges and payments are tracked by family. Some churches call a Family a “Pledging Unit”.

Person records are grouped into Families for three reasons:

  1. To represent the social constructs of the Family within the church
  2. To share information common to all members of the family – things like address, phone number, email address, etc.
  3. To support the church financially as a single unit (“pledge unit”).

Every Person should belong to a family.

How do I add a new Family?

  1. From the top menu, select “Add New Family” (under “People/Families”).
  2. Complete the form. Note that you can insert up to ten family members from directly from this form. Complete the individual lines for each person, but only enter the last name if it differs from the last name of the Family record. All people entered in this manner will create a new Person record which will be assigned to the designated Family record.
  3. Press Save when the form is complete.

How do I view a family?

There are two ways to view a family:

  1. Enter a name to look for in the search field at the top of the page, click the button beside “Family” and press enter.
  2. Click on “View All Families”(under “People/Families”).

How do I change the available Family Roles?

  1. If you have permission, you should find a link called “Family Roles Manager” (under “People/Families”).
  2. If you want to add a new Family Role, type it into the blank field on the bottom of the page
  3. If you want to change a new Family Role, type it into the field you wish to change. NOTE: Field changes will be lost if you do not “Save Changes” before using an up, down, delete, or 'add new' button!
  4. If you want to re-arrange the order, click the “up” and “down” links to the left of the field you wish to re-order.
  5. If you want to delete a Family Role, click on the “delete” button to the right of the field you wish to delete.

How do I delete a Family?

  1. Filter for the desired family, and bring up the Family View.
  2. Select “Delete this Record” (if this link doesn't appear, then either you don't have permissions to delete records, or the Family still has Person records assigned to it; you cannot delete a Family record until all Person records have been unassigned from it)
  3. Confirm the deletion

How do I assign a Property to a Family? See the properties help topic.

How do I add a Note to a Family? See the notes help topic.

What is the Classification feature? See the classification help topic.

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