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How does ChurchInfo know exactly where Families live?

ChurchInfo stores the latitude and longitude with each Family. These numbers may be entered into the Family edit page, or looked up based on the address. In the United States, this information is found automatically by using the Internet service For Australia try; If you know of a similar service for other countries please let us know!

How do I find Families that live close to each other?

Select Family Geographic Utilities from the People/Families menu, then select a Family from the list. Press Show Neighbors and this page will update with the nearest neighbor families listed at the bottom. The Maximum number of neighbors and Maximum distance fields are used to limit the number of neighbor families displayed.

How do I see where Families live on a map?

The easiest way is to select Family Map from the People/Families menu. This map is generated using the Google mapping service. For this feature to work, you must enter the following information into the General Settings (Under the Admin menu, choose “Edit General Settings”):

1. Latitude and Longitude of your church - to find this go to and enter your church's address. It will display the latitude and longitude of the address. Copy and paste this information into the fields “nChurchLatitude” & “nChurchLongitude” in the General Settings. These fields are near the bottom of the General Settings page.

2. Google Map Key - You must obtain a Google Map Key for your web site URL. The web site to obtain your unique map key is: Enter the your map key in the field “sGoogleMapKey” near the bottom of the General Settings page.

Are other types of maps available?

The Family Geographic Utilities page can also make annotation files for the GPS Visualizer web site or the Delorme Street Atlas USA map program. To make an annotation file select the desired format and press Make Data File.

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